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Project name Registered Popularity Downloads
bluemindo Bluemindo (Project leader) 2007-11-28 3.01% 20369
Simple yet powerful audio player in Python/PyGTK, using Gstreamer.  Download
brawser brawser (Project leader) 2009-10-12 0.04% 0
Lightweight photo browser.  Download
codingteam CodingTeam (Project leader) 2006-05-16 27.09% 5548
A free, lightweight and extensible forge.  Download
etgtk et-gtk (Project leader) 2007-08-14 0.08% 0
An application that allows you to manage your favorite Enemy Territory servers.  Download
gtkabber gtkabber (Project leader) 2009-07-14 0.12% 0
Simple IM client using XMPP.  Download
jabberfr-dev JabberFR - développement (Project leader) 2016-10-17 0.08% 0
Développement collaboratif d'outils pour JabberFR.  Download
randomchat Randomchat (Project leader) 2008-05-11 0.06% 0
Composant pour serveur Jabber permettant de discuter aléatoirement à des inconnus.  Download
scripts-xbright Scripts de xbright (Project leader) 2009-05-01 0.04% 0
Plusieurs petits projets qui ne méritent pas un coin rien qu'à eux.  Download
tagada tagada (Project leader) 2007-04-30 0.04% 4119
tagada tsouin tsouin tagada !  Download
videomanager VideoManager (Project leader) 2006-09-27 0.07% 6544
Manage a movie collection  Download
zappy Zappy (Project leader) 2007-06-11 0.05% 0
A really simple and powerfull mail client in GTK.  Download