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codingteam Other CodingTeam 2006-05-16 3.28% 5233
A free, lightweight and extensible forge.  Download
bluemindo Multimedia » Audio Bluemindo 2007-11-28 0.88% 19597
Simple yet powerful audio player in Python/PyGTK, using Gstreamer.  Download
livemix Multimedia » Audio LiveMix 2007-08-22 0.34% 13537
Mix table (base on jack) for live performa  Download
simplebackup System administration » Utilities SimpleBackup 2013-12-27 0.16% 2486
Backup incrémental simple avec rsync  Download
teestat Game Teestat 2008-12-15 0.09% 1421
Teestat génère des statistiques depuis un serveur Teeworlds  Download
kgg Programming KGG Game enGine 2007-08-07 0.08% 1106
Le KGG (acronyme signifiant KGG Game enGin  Download
etgtk Game » First person shooter et-gtk 2007-08-14 0.06% 0
An application that allows you to manage your favorite Enemy Territory servers.  Download
soblog Internet and network SoBlog 2010-06-17 0.05% 208
Moteur de blog écrit avec Python grâce au framework web Django  Download
zappy Internet and network Zappy 2007-06-11 0.04% 0
A really simple and powerfull mail client in GTK.  Download
ctu Game Create Them Up 2010-04-29 0.03% 0
Éditeur de niveau et moteur de jeu de shoot them up  Download
tumble Game Tumble 2010-05-31 0.03% 0
Tumble - a Bounce clone  Download
pyartk Programming SoyaARTK 2008-05-19 0.03% 208
SoyaARTK fournit deux modules python : -   Download
xgui Programming XGUI 2012-05-18 0.02% 0
XGUI est une gui pour la bibliothèque multimedia, SFML .  Download
timeeelapse System administration TimEEElapse 2008-04-17 0.02% 3001
Utilisez la webcam de votre EEEPC pour ré  Download
pproxy Internet and network » Utilities pproxy 2009-05-29 0.02% 156
Proxy web se basant sur le catch-all DNS pour passer au travers d'un pare-feu sans avoir besoin des droits administrateurs sur la machine cliente.  Download
carpoolingbcn Programming carPoolingBcn 2008-10-16 0.02% 0
This is project is the realisation of an a  Download
artica Internet and network Artica-Postfix 2007-11-11 0.01% 2591
Manage Postfix And your mail Security quic  Download
onlinesubtitles Multimedia online subtitles workshop 2011-09-23 0.01% 0
online subtitles workshop (team edition) is a free php script that allow you to make teams to create and translate subtitles and to run your own subtitles web site  Download
carmedia Multimedia Carmedia Front-End 2010-12-01 0.01% 0
The Carmedia Front-End project aims to develop a fully featured and open-source front-end for in-car integrated computers.  Download
fjpanel Programming Fujitsu-Siemens Application Panel Driver 2007-04-13 0.01% 4135
FJPanel is a Linux driver for Fujitsu-Siem  Download