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myhome Internet and network » Browser myHome 2011-11-03 0.02% 555
A custom homepage tool  Download
eldonilo Internet and network Eldonilo 2011-06-03 0.02% 0
A collection of Web-based tools using PubSub.  Download
carmedia Multimedia Carmedia Front-End 2010-12-01 0.02% 0
The Carmedia Front-End project aims to develop a fully featured and open-source front-end for in-car integrated computers.  Download
beciklo Other BeCiklo 2010-08-19 0.02% 0
Carte des pistes cyclable (basé sur le projet openstreetmap)  Download
recens Internet and network ReCens 2010-04-21 0.70% 0
Application de recensement décentralisé d'associations.  Download
toid Internet and network Toid 2009-10-04 0.08% 0
File sharing website, for personal server, easilly customizable.  Download
kinovea Multimedia » Video Kinovea 2008-09-10 7.06% 5557
Analyse vidéo et décomposition de mouvement.  Download
exlor Programming EXlor 2007-06-19 0.02% 0
webshare Internet and network Webshare 2007-05-23 0.02% 607
Webshare est un client WebFTP Open Source   Download
cigogne Programming Langage Cigogne 2007-04-11 0.02% 0
Le nouveau langage BASIC en français.  Download