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rugbyapp Internet and network » Utilities rugbyapp 2014-12-17 0.04% 0
Settings Experimental projects using AngularJS, Flask, SQLAlchemy to provide widgets that can be used on rugby websites  Download
rate-parties Internet and network Rate parties 2013-07-18 0.04% 0
Rate your parties !  Download
erika Internet and network » Utilities Erika 2013-04-13 0.03% 0
Simple way to save your bookmarks and have them accessible from anywhere  Download
cvct Internet and network » Utilities CV CT 2012-07-06 0.04% 0
An online CV with data from CodingTeam (OpenForge)  Download
mmkeys-f Calculation python-mmkeys-f 2012-07-01 0.03% 346
mmkeys lets you grab multimedia key presses and connect them to a signal handler  Download
virtuala_navigilo Internet and network » Browser Virtuala Navigilo 2012-05-13 0.02% 215
Gère l'utilisation de plusieurs navigateurs au niveau utilisateur.  Download
statsalons Internet and network » Instant messaging Statsalons 2012-04-13 0.04% 214
Surveille la fréquentation de salons Jabber pour générer des graphes.  Download
jalopy Programming Jalopy 2011-12-14 0.06% 0
A simple Java parser written in Python that helps to understand how a parser works  Download
npr Image and graphics Number Plate Recognition 2011-11-13 0.15% 0
Software system for number plate recognition  Download
minicalc Office Minicalc 2011-05-15 0.05% 961
Calculatrice minimaliste en python  Download
scripts-radek411 Other Scripts de Radek411 2011-05-04 0.04% 0
Plusieurs petits projets ne méritant pas une page pour eux seuls  Download
compaction_bands Scientific and Engineering » Chemistry and physic Compaction Bands 2011-04-25 0.04% 166
Numerical simulation of compaction bands in a porous sandstone  Download
carnet_de_vol Other Carnet de vol parapente 2011-04-24 0.11% 573
Carnet de vol parapente  Download
ekd Multimedia » Video EKD 2011-04-09 6.58% 3030
Logiciel de post-production pour vidéo, image et audio  Download
mia Internet and network » Utilities Mia 2011-04-01 0.07% 243
Modular Image Parser  Download
alphadoc Scientific and Engineering AlphaDoc 2011-02-28 0.13% 5861
Absorption acoustique des matériaux de construction  Download
scripts_mathieui Other mathieui’s scripts 2010-12-08 0.04% 0
The scripts that are not worth a project themselves  Download
carmedia Multimedia Carmedia Front-End 2010-12-01 0.04% 0
The Carmedia Front-End project aims to develop a fully featured and open-source front-end for in-car integrated computers.  Download
pymg Image and graphics Pymg Viewer 2010-11-22 0.17% 1058
A simple pygtk image viewer  Download
sonata Multimedia » Audio Sonata 2010-10-05 0.91% 19424
Sonata is an elegant GTK+ music client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD).  Download