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Project name Registered Popularity Downloads
qgesloc Company and finance qgesloc 2015-06-04 0.04% 0
gestion locative application lourde  Download
mahmoudl2ceri Calculation Bibliothèque de calcul Matriciel 2015-05-31 0.05% 0
Ce projet est la première version d'une librairie en C++ de calcul Matriciel élémentaire.  Download
bovinet Database » Front-End BOVINET 2015-02-22 0.05% 0
BOVINET gestion de troupeau de bovins  Download
1312 Calculation Run Kypa Run 2015-02-19 0.05% 0
Run! Run Kypa  Download
rugbyapp Internet and network » Utilities rugbyapp 2014-12-17 0.06% 0
Settings Experimental projects using AngularJS, Flask, SQLAlchemy to provide widgets that can be used on rugby websites  Download