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#1985 Feature request blocker Real plugin system Blocker Need contributors n/a
#1959 Attachement Resolved and closed critical Library search makes sonata crashes when deleting characters Critical Resolved
#1979 Resolved and closed Crash when trying to find remote cover Major Resolved
#2842 Resolved and closed Sonata Crashes for Large Current Playlists Normal Resolved
#2852 Unconfirmed With Album Library View, every album thumbnail simply uses the art from the currently play… Normal Unconfirmed trunk
#2089 Unconfirmed Album cover namespacing? Normal Unconfirmed
#2868 Resolved and closed Sorting by Length is Alphabetical, Not Numeric Normal Resolved
#2870 Resolved and closed threads crash Normal Resolved
#2112 Resolved and closed The lyric doesn't work Normal Resolved trunk
#2116 Unconfirmed search field insensitive to cyrillic input Normal Unconfirmed n/a
#2639 Resolved and closed sonata still won't fetch lyrics Normal Resolved
#2640 Sonata crashes when deleting search terms Normal Rejected
#2641 Unconfirmed Info tab bug (in case of albums with same name) Normal Unconfirmed
#2642 Unconfirmed Info tab displays no information on first visit Normal Unconfirmed
#2650 Attachement Even more UTF-8 fixes Normal Rejected n/a
#2651 Feature request Attachement Resolved and closed Add as Next Track Normal Resolved n/a
#2652 Feature request Attachement Unconfirmed "Find more" - "By Artist/Album" Normal Unconfirmed n/a
#2908 Unconfirmed Bouton control volume grisé / volum control become grey Normal Unconfirmed 1.6.2
#2653 Feature request Attachement Unconfirmed Horizontal scroll support for the progress bar Normal Unconfirmed n/a
#2909 Feature request Unconfirmed Save a single song to a playlist Normal Unconfirmed
#2654 Attachement Resolved and closed Fetching lyrics fails Normal Resolved n/a
#2655 Feature request Attachement Unconfirmed editable scrobbler host Normal Unconfirmed n/a
#2911 Attachement Unconfirmed IndexError: list index out of range Normal Unconfirmed
#2656 Feature request Attachement Unconfirmed Playlist headers like in AIMP Normal Unconfirmed n/a
#2912 Unconfirmed Install fails on Solaris 11 because of mgsfmt Normal Unconfirmed
#2657 Attachement Unconfirmed Sort library contents using current locale Normal Unconfirmed n/a
#2913 Unconfirmed Cover art not displayed Normal Unconfirmed
#2658 Feature request Unconfirmed Added CLI parameter to start/toggle fullscreen mode. Normal Unconfirmed n/a
#2914 Unconfirmed "Album info" shows duplicated tracks when files are in symbolic linked directory Normal Unconfirmed
#2659 Feature request Attachement Resolved and closed Disable gnome screensaver while in fullscreen mode Normal Resolved n/a