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Progressively leaving

Some might have noticed since last post here, I'm progressively leaving

As stated in the previous post, I've started working with git for the py3k port of MPD_sima. Since I do not intend to get back on subversion, The future is quite simple actually, I'll maintain MPD_sima on my own server only and use mail/xmpp to communicate (bug report, patch, feature request…).

Roadmap, future plan

I did the p3k port in a 0.11 branch its own git repository. In the mean time I decided not to follow the "de facto" current fork of python-mpd and started working on my own py3k port: "python-musicpd".

Everything was then ready to start over MPD_sima development, which I did with a major refactoring to introduce a plugin system. This work is done in a 0.12 branch and 0.11 is abandoned now.

Please update

Published by kaliko, on 2014-01-11 14:57:04.

News: 0.10.0 and dev branch 0.11

Forgot to post a entry regarding the release of 0.10.0. Mea culpa, have a look at the changelog

Lately I've been working on python3 portage, which raised the problem of python-mpd.
I decided to merge my py3k port of python-mpd module in MPD_sima for now, I'll wait for the situation to move on and stabilized around the actual "de facto" fork, python-mpd2.
Even though my work on python-mpd could look like a fork (ie. namespace changed to avoid confusion) it is not, I don't believe I have time and knowledge to work seriously on this project.

Another major change in MPD_sima is yet another attempt to write a :)

My work concerning the latest developments did not take place @codingteam :( but on my personal git repositories. Eventually, I'll merge back into the svn tree here

Please, don't hesitate to check-out and try the code from git repository.

Published by kaliko, on 2013-04-21 13:38:38.

MPD_sima 0.9.0 Released

0.9.0 Released

Main features to come with 0.9.0 is dynamic similarity.
Artists selected to be queued are always the most similar, hence an adjusted and dynamic similarity value depending on how much artists are found within the local music library. This can be tuned, though the current values should be fine, refer to manuals if necessary.

Some bugs have been fixed and minors improvements have been done

Pay attention: python-mpd >= 0.3 is required now due to the use of MPD idle command.

MPD_sima in Debian

The package for 0.9 branch is a wok in progress, I expect it to be uploaded in Debian before it freezes next June.

Happy Listening

Published by kaliko, on 2012-02-10 13:33:54.

Move to xz for source tarball

I decided to move to xz instead of gzip for tarball compression, it provides a ~20% gain.

Starting with future 0.9 release, tarballs will be available at as "mpd_sima_<RELEASE>.tar.xz".

Happy listening

Published by kaliko, on 2011-10-15 15:33:49.

Debian package hitting official repository

MPD_sima 0.8.0 is landing in Debian official repository.

The new 0.8.0 version is now available in unstable, soon it'll appear in testing. It means also MPD_sima 0.8.0 will be available for Ubuntu users.

Published by kaliko, on 2011-08-04 16:49:12.

Moving debian packaging to “Debian Multimedia Packaging Team”

I'm moving debian packaging to thanks to Jonas invitation.

Follow, contribute to MPD_sima debian packaging at

Happy listening

Published by kaliko, on 2011-06-19 13:34:35.

Debian package for version 0.8.0 Released

A debian package for the latest 0.8.0 version of MPD_sima has been released.

Refers to the specific page for the repository or download the package.

You may as well wait for the package to enter official Debian repository. The package is already available at waiting for sponsoring (repository available there as well but usually targeted to advanced debian users).

Happy listening

Published by kaliko, on 2011-05-23 19:40:01.

mpd_sima 0.8.0 Released

0.8.0 Released

Main features to come with 0.8.0 is the daemon capability, MPD_sima can now properly fork to the background.
The default behaviour is still to run in the foreground, use --daemon option to daemonize.

I've also been working on memory consumption which was terribly high because of a bad management of requests cache in MPD_sima memory footprint has been reduced consequently.

You might also notice a better diversity in queued artists since I fixed algorithm in charge of listing unplayed and not recently played artists.

MPD_sima in Debian

The package for 0.7.2 has been sponsored and is currently in Debian testing. I'm working on 0.8.0 package, it's pretty much finished. As soon as it has been reviewed I'll request an upload to official repository.

Happy Listening

Published by kaliko, on 2011-05-08 14:26:44.

mpd_sima 0.7.2 Release

Bug fix / mea culpa

This is a bug fix release. I introduced a bug in 0.7.1 fixing #2113. Timestamps were badly formatted.
As a result history was not honoured correctly, MPD_sima was queueing tracks already played without respecting history_duration parameter.

Fixing this issue I spotted another error within the database history table I fixed at the same time, this issue was not impacting MPD_sima behaviour though.

Please update your copy!

Happy Listening

Published by kaliko, on 2011-01-30 13:44:47.

mpd_sima 0.7.1 Released

Bug fix

This is a bug fix release. The 0.7.1 tag fixes #2113 and #2091.


The Makefile from current dev branch 0.8 has been added into 0.7.1 to ease packaging.


Arch Linux/AUR

I manage to take over ownership of AUR package, hopefully we'll come up soon with an updated package for you Archers ;)


The debian package for 0.7.1 will follow as soon as I take time to work on it, I hope I'll have it done within a week.

The official package is still waiting for mentoring at, eventually it'll be uploaded to official repo now that squeeze is quasi-released, I'm expecting Debian Devs to be more available ;)


For now the next branch is mainly the dæmon mode I added as part of the project (no external dependency) and some minor refactoring.

Happy Listening

Published by kaliko, on 2011-01-22 10:01:04.

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