Each command comes with --help option.

  • crop: crop command allowing you to keep <n> last tracks before the current one. Some kind of enhanced consume mode.
  • nalbum: Skip to next album in the playlist, possibility to fade out/in the transition (not a real cross fading). Developped in order the skip an album with MPD_sima "album mode" ;)
  • mfade: fade in/out depending on MPD state (playing or not). Using it as a sleep/wakeup utility.
  • mtopls: add current track to playlist (command line specified or selected by genre)
  • wakeup: add an album chosen at random from a list. The list is provided as arguments from CLI or from a file. I'm currently using this script to wake me up each morning :)


  • jingle: randomly pick up a song with specified tags and queue it. NOT PART OF THE FRAMEWORK AS PREVIOUS COMMANDS

Yet to come

Please ask for new commands reporting in Feature Requenst in the tracker ;)


No releases yet, but your welcome to check out the code via svn or download a daily export of the trunk.


  • Use MPDClass to format unicode->UTF-8 so that each command only deals with unicode
  • Use password if provided (env. var. or on CLI)
  • [DONE] Centralized getopt lib for all goodies


Add here your own ideas/requests.

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