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Anonymous user

Posted on 2009-03-31 11:18:42.

I think this a fine programme, and fills an important gap in linux audio, but i keep having some challenges with it.

On a consistent basis, it segfaults after opening, generally a few seconds is all it takes.

I'm using 0.49 rc3, and i'm trying to use it on 64studio 3.0 64bit.

It was the same with rc2, and rc1.

If you could have a look at this, it would be appreciated. I recognise you're busy, and i'm not asking for a quick fix.

My jack version is jackmp 1.9.0, with alsa 1.0.19, and the 64studio 2.6.29-multimedia kernel.

At the moment it's too unstable to use with any degree of confidence, but i would like to have it in my linux audio armoury.

On at least two occasions, it's segfaulted with a Floating Point Exception, if that helps.


Anonymous user

Posted on 2009-04-03 02:16:13.
I also get a Segmentation Fault with Ubuntu 8.04 64 bit (with 64studio repositories)
and jack 1.9.2 ( jack2 ) and ffado.
Before, when i had 1.116.2 jack version it worked baut not now.
While I'm waiting a new release I'm making a small mixer with PureData and jack-rack. (is not the same)
Anonymous user

Posted on 2009-07-25 09:44:55.
Erm, is this project dead?

I've tried to install on Gentoo 64bit with no luck at all. (Even an ebuild is out of the question)

Any news on whether we should try with this anymore?

Stéphane Brunner

Posted on 2010-06-06 18:07:50.

Sorry for long time to respond I don't work on the project for long time.

This weekend I work on it and I hope that I fixed the problem.

CU and thanks to report it.

Anonymous user

Posted on 2010-12-16 00:43:30.
Hi Stéphane

I love the potential of this program.

I have been wanting to use it for the last couple of years, but every time I try it, LiveMix crashes.

I have tried many versions of Ubuntu Studio. RT and Not.

My system is a dual core athlon with a RME adat card and 4 gigs of ram.
I notice I run longer before crashing if I start bumping latency up. At around 100ms I can run for 10-20 minutes.
Another thing that extends run times is if I remove some channels and effects.
I have the energy managment turned off in the BIOS.

When the problem occurs, I may have as much as 8% CPU usage.

I am willing to work on this with you to isolate what it is. If you need to find me, ask for Les at the OpenLP project. They know how to contact me.


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