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#1390 – Crash on startup
Date added: 2010-05-10 20:32:56 Type: Bug report
Status: Resolved Priority: Normal
Affected version: 0.49rc3 Milestone: n/a
Reported by:
Assigned to: Not assigned yet!

LiveMix crashes without even opening its window. In the beginning this happened only from time to time. But now it happens all the time. This was on ubuntu studio (karmic and now lucid). Starting it with --verbose results in this:

LiveMix starting
"Warning: no locale found: :i18n/livemix_en_US"
Warning: error loading locale
" arg 1: --verbose"
MainWindow::MainWindow( "/usr/bin/../share/livemix/sample/default.lm" , QObject(0x0) )
JackBackend::JackBackend() activate
JackBackend::JackBackend() Realtime ;-) , buffer size: 128 , sample rate: 44100
livemix: symbol lookup error: livemix: undefined symbol: _ZN9QHashData13detach_helperEPFvPNS_4NodeEPvEPFvS1_Ei

At the same time, jackd gives me many of these lines as output:
subgraph starting at LiveMix timed out (subgraph_wait_fd=14, status = 0, state = Triggered, pollret = 0 revents = 0x0)

I started jack with
/usr/bin/jackd -R -dfirewire -dhw:1 -r44100 -p128 -n2 -i8 -o8
which works well with qtractor and many other programs using audio and midi.
Re: Crash on startup - 2010-06-06 18:10:30
Stéphane Brunner

Normally it's fixed in the release rc5.

Sarge edited this bug - 2010-06-06 18:45:16
  • Status changed to Resolved
This bug has been resolved.
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