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#1598 Unconfirmed Routing from aux to subgroup Normal Unconfirmed n/a
#2004 Unconfirmed LiveMix Bug Normal Unconfirmed 0.49rc3
#3030 Unconfirmed SIGSEGV - Segmentation fault on start Normal Unconfirmed 0.49rc5
#3031 Unconfirmed Not load plugin's list Normal Unconfirmed 0.49rc5
#265 Resolved and closed critical bug au démarrage Critical Resolved 0.49rc2
#786 Resolved and closed Préfér_e_nces Normal Resolved 0.4
#1390 Resolved and closed Crash on startup Normal Resolved 0.49rc3
#226 Resolved and closed Start up bug... Major Resolved 0.49rc2