Welcome to the KOLoad documentation!

How to install it?

First, get the KOLoad package on the download page. Then, unzip it and open the conf.php file.

You can edit the KOLoad configuration in this file: change the language, protect the files with a password, lock the upload, rename or delete features. Feel free to customize your own KOLoad setup by choosing a skin!

Send the ./koload/ folder to your server and apply the writing rights on the ./files/ folder (777 in most cases).

Q & A

Why do I get an error message each time I send a file?

Your ./files/ folder is not writable, apply the 777 rights.

Is KOLoad secure enough to be used for private purposes?

Yes, it is: you can protect access and usage with a password, and your file list is hidden with an index.html file in the ./files/ directory.

Why do I get an error when sending large files?

This is due to upload_max_filesize of the php.ini PHP configuration file. You should be able to increase the value. If you don't have the rights to do it, the last solution is to upload your large files through FTP or SFTP in the ./files/ folder.

Why nothing happens when I login to KOLoad?

KOLoad needs cookies to be enabled, please check your browser allow cookies.

Why nothing happens when I send, rename or delete a file?

These needs requires popup windows to be allowed and Java-Script to be enabled. Check that you are not using a popup blocker on your computer!

Why is the file list empty, even though I uploaded files?

Your hoster may have disabled the PHP listing functions. If you are using hosting, you may be in this case. The only solution is to host KOLoad somewhere else!

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