Projects administrators

Projects administrators are developers and contributors to a project. When you add someone as project admin, the SVN repository authorizations are updated to allow he to work on the code.

Advanced user-rights management by projects

Since the 0.9.2, advanced user-rights have been introduced in CodingTeam.

Pre-defined roles:

  • project leader (all powers)
  • graphic designer (add/delete a screenshot)
  • developer (add/edit/delete a version, code commits, add/edit/delete a download, edit a bug report, add/delete a screenshot)
  • translater (import/export translation files)
  • packager (add/edit/delete a download)
  • contributer (add/delete a chatroom, code commits, edit a bug report, add/edit a news, edit a topic, add/delete a screenshot)

If you uncheck all the powers, the selected pre-defined role prevails. So if you add an admin as a project leader and uncheck all the granted powers, he finally gets all the powers of a project leader.

Available powers:

  • Edit/delete the project
  • Code commits
  • Add/edit/delete a version
  • Add/edit/delete a download
  • Edit/delete a bug report
  • Edit a bug report
  • Import/export translation files
  • Delete all translated files
  • Add/edit/delete a news
  • Add/edit a news
  • Edit/close/delete a topic
  • Edit a topic
  • Add/delete a chatroom
  • Add/delete a screenshot


Projects versionning on CodingTeam

On CodingTeam, a lot of contents depends of a version number. This concerns downloads, bugs, roadmap and screenshots. In other terms, adding a version number for your project is a basic operation.

Explenations on versions
Status name Comments
Planned This version is planned and nothing exists at the moment (usefull to fill feature requests).
Development This version is currently in developement and is not stable at all.
Testing An early version of your project or of a branch.
Alpha First pre-version.
Beta Second pre-version.
Stable This version is stable enough to be usable.
Abandonned This version is abandonned and should not be used anymore.
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