This document explain how to upgrade from a running installation of CodingTeam 0.9.1 to CodingTeam 0.9.2. We speak about an installation by the package (.tar.bz2), if you are using Subversion, you just have to update your working copy.

Update CodingTeam

If you are using Subversion, you just have to update your working copy.

If you have installed CodingTeam from the .tar.bz2 package, you have to follow these steps in order to upgrade your forge. First of all, you should backup all your files.

Moving the files

We assume that CodingTeam 0.9.1 (your running forge) is in the codingteam folder and the 0.9.2 in a codingteam0.9.2 folder.

  • rm codingteam/.htaccess codingteam/index.php codingteam/VERSION
  • cp codingteam0.9.2/.htaccess codingteam
  • cp codingteam0.9.2/index.php codingteam
  • cp codingteam0.9.2/VERSION codingteam
  • cd codingteam && rm -rf i18n/ inc/ scripts/ && cd ../
  • cd codingteam/public/ && rm -rf *.js images/ && cd ../../
  • cp -r codingteam0.9.2/inc/ codingteam
  • cp -r codingteam0.9.2/i18n/ codingteam
  • cp -r codingteam0.9.2/public/* codingteam/public
  • cp -r codingteam0.9.2/scripts/ codingteam


Now, the latest thing you have to do is to edit your configuration file. Example is in codingteam/inc/codingteam.cfg-example and tips are in codingteam0.9.2/INSTALL.

If you plan to use MUCkl, you have to reconfigure it in codingteam/inc/libs/muckl (tips are again in codingteam0.9.2/INSTALL).

Update the database

Now we need to update the database. CodingTeam 0.9.2 introduce new fields to some tables and new values in the config table. The easiest way to update our database is to launch the command-line script scripts/miscellaneous/upgrade091-092.php.

All should be ok now!

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