What's CodingTeam? What are the differences with other forges?

You should read WhatIsCodingTeam! ;)

What's the current version of CodingTeam? Is this stable?

The current version of CodingTeam is the 0.9.3. This version is stable enough to be usable but not a real stable version. If you want a very stable thing, you should wait the 1.0. Hem, I guess you have the time…

When should I use

If you are the lead developer of a free software project, you can use CodingTeam on the web, without install it. It's fast and very easy, you just have to register yourself and add your project! You don't have anything to install or to configure, this is an already working forge that can host all free software projects developped in english or in french.

When should I use the CodingTeam software on my own server?

However, you can use CodingTeam on your own server to be independant. You'll can configure the forge as you want and add or modify modules. You can use the CodingTeam software to help you develop any projects, regardless of license, language… You just have to follow the license of the CodingTeam software. So, if you are searching for a forge that you may install on your own server for your own project, you can. This is free software.

Hey, I just found a bug! Where can I report it?

The bug tracking system is hosted on the forge, you can reach it by clicking here.

How can I do a donation to the author of CodingTeam?

If you want to make a donation, you can click here. Your money will be primarily used to pay the hosting (dedicated server, webdomain…).

Can I be rich and sexy if I use CodingTeam to develop my projects?

Of course. Just look at me!

OMFG OMG dudes, srsly! th1$ pr0j3(t r0x0r$!!


Will this FAQ be completed one day?

That's a good question.

… and, with interesting questions?

Uh… I don't know.


Installation and usage

The installation is not automatic. I have to do it myself with the INSTALL file. Why?

Because. In the future, automatic installation would be great but currently, you have to follow a step-by-step procedure. And that's not difficult. Take your keyboard and wake your fingers up!

Can I remove php_flag engine off from <Directory /path/to/codingteam/public>?

No! Technically, you still can. But then, if one user upload a PHP script, it'll be interpreted.

CodingTeam i18n doesn't work: the software forge is only in English and I want it in French too.

Ok, so you probably use a system that need some work. Be sure that you have a file /etc/locale.gen wich contains two locales (as CodingTeam is currently translated only in English and French). A possible content can be:

0 1
en_GB.UTF-8 UTF-8
fr_FR.UTF-8 UTF-8

Then, run (as root) locale-gen. All should work correctly know.

Using Arch Linux, I get an error with Python scripts like hgwebdir.cgi. How to avoid it?

It is an Arch Linux specificity. You have to replace the current shebang to: #!/usr/bin/env python2



CodingTeam doesn't create my Subversion repositories! Why?

You should check that you really set the ownership of the webserver on public/svn, public/svn/_authz and public/svn/_apache. If it still doesn't work, an user reported us that svnadmin try to acces to /root/.subversion/servers.

Can I ban an user?

Yes, you can ban an user and you can also delete it. But when you delete an user, all user's datas are deleted but the nickname, so be careful with that.

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