This document briefly explains how to add a project on a forge based on the CodingTeam software.

Basic informations

You first need to give basic informations to add your project such as name, url-name…

  • Private project (optional)
    If this project is private or not (may be disabled by administrators).
  • Project name (required)
    This is the name of your project.
  • URL name (required)
    This is the name that will stands in the URL. Authorized characters are 0-9, a-z, _ and -.
  • Website
    This is the website of your project, if exists.
  • Paypal ID (could be deactived by server admin)
    This is your ID to receive a donation: the forge mainteners gets no percentage on each transactions.
  • Paypal currency (could be deactived by server admin)
    The currency to make donations.
  • The logo (required)
    You have three choices:
    1. Don't set any logo.
    2. Link a logo with its URL.
    3. Upload a logo on the forge.

Technical informations

Now, you need to give technical informations to add your project such as licence, language…

  • Tags
    All tags related to your project, separated by a space.
  • The platform (required)
    You have a lot of choices:
    1. Platform independant
    2. Platform specific (you could select as systems as you want):
      1. POSIX (GNU/Linux, BSD, UNIX)
      2. BSD (*BSD, Mac OS)
      3. MS-DOS - Microsoft Windows
      4. Others
  • Languages (required)
    All programming languages used for your project.
  • Translations (required)
    All human languages spoken by your software.

Final informations

This step ask you to give final informations to add your project.

  • Category (required)
    The kind of project (this will be used for projects browsing).
  • License (required)
    The license under wich your project is distributed.

Describe your project

The last step is to describe your project. When you have done that, your project is ready to be added on the forge.

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