This document describes the account creation inside CodingTeam.


With CodingTeam, each accounts have a level:

  • administrator can do everything
  • member is the default level
  • banned can not login
  • deleted all accounts data but the nickname are deleted

After your installation of CodingTeam, the first account that you create will be the administrator. Each accounts created after it will only be marked as member. There is no automatic account creation.

If you want to change the level of an user (eg. add an admin or ban someone), you have to go in Administration → Users → Manage. There you can filter users by their nickname and change their level. All of that are reversible but the deleted level that comes with total deletion of all accounts data but the nickname.

Step by step

Captcha and Terms of Use

The first thing to do is to validate a captcha and accept the Terms of Use of the forge. Terms can be updated in Administration → Users → Terms of Use.

Account informations

  • Nickname
    A nickname for your account. Authorized characters are 0-9, a-z, _ and -.
  • Password
    A password for your account. All characters are authorized, you should not use words that stands in a dictionnary.
  • Personal informations

  • Name
    Your name.
  • Surname
    Your surname.
  • Language
    Your language. This setting overrides the HTTP ACCEPT_LANGUAGE that is used to guess your language and translate CodingTeam in your own lang if available.
  • Avatar

  • Jabber account
    Avatar of your Jabber account, if you choose that, the Jabber ID field becomes mandatory.
  • Upload
    Upload an avatar (all images format accepted).
  • No avatar
    Your avatar will be a standard buddy. The same as for anonymous.
  • Contact information

  • Email
    Your email adress.
  • Jabber ID (optional)
    Your Jabber ID.
  • Website (optional)
    Your homepage.
  • Edit an account

    When you edit an account, you cannot modify account informations (nickname and password). The only way to edit the password is to use the password reminder form at /users/password.

    There is no way to edit a nickname after register. Keep in mind that Subversion stores the nickname.

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