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#2872 – Weird pink layout
Date added: 2012-05-23 22:28:05 Type: Bug report
Status: Rejected Priority: Minor
Affected version: 0.9.3 Milestone: n/a
Reported by: Assigned to: Not assigned yet!
I don't know if it's the correct behavior, but it doesn't look good. There is a weird pink square on the right (see attachment) that appears on the right of the documentation when posting code.
screenshot from 2012… by Paco
Added on 2012-05-23 22:28:17
Paco edited this bug - 2012-05-23 22:28:17
  • Attached a file
xbright edited this bug - 2012-09-19 02:45:16
  • Priority changed to Minor
xbright edited this bug - 2014-09-23 02:27:54
  • Status changed to Rejected
This bug has been rejected.
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