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#2734 – Directories containing spaces cannot be browsed to
Date added: 2011-11-26 12:37:06 Type: Bug report
Status: Resolved Priority: Normal
Affected version: 0.9.3 Milestone: 0.9.4
Reported by: Assigned to: xbright
On codingteam.net v0.93
When using the code browser, it is not possible to browse to a folder containing spaces in the name.


(first two folders yield error page, last one does not)

Error page:
Une erreur est survenue.
Svnbrowser::getInfos() [http://www.php.net/svnbrowser.getinfos]: Node no longer exists (2 - E_WARNING)
Dans : /home/xbright/codingteam.net/inc/modules/project/models/browser.svn.php à la ligne 98
xbright edited this bug - 2012-01-01 17:19:15
  • Status changed to Confirmed
  • Milestone changed to 0.9.4
  • Assign to xbright
Fixed by r482 - 2012-04-07 04:43:58
Erwan Briand
This bug was fixed by the commit r482. This is an automatic fix.
This bug has been resolved.
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