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#1368 – Bug when re-uploading a file on an already created download
Date added: 2010-04-28 23:41:38 Type: Bug report
Status: Resolved Priority: Normal
Affected version: trunk Milestone: n/a
Reported by: Assigned to: Not assigned yet!
I found a bug when re-uploading a file on an already created download
-I create a download for version xx (upload from file)
-eveything is fine
-I edit the download of version xx because I want to re-upload the file
-everything seems to be fine BUT in fact the dl link doen't work any more, (it's not broken, it just point to the dl page)
Fixed by r363 - 2010-05-13 01:36:32
Erwan Briand
This bug was fixed by the commit r363. This is an automatic fix.
This bug has been resolved.
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