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#1204 – RSS feeds entries are not explicite
Date added: 2010-03-01 03:58:58 Type: Bug report
Status: Resolved Priority: Normal
Affected version: 0.9.2 Milestone: n/a
Reported by: Assigned to: Not assigned yet!
The entries of the rss feeds are confusing. For example, when you're using the general rss feed (the dashboard one, with all your projects), you get this, for example :

01/03/2010 01:38
fixed #1202

Problem is I don't know what for project this is (before the dashboard was created this was not a problem, since a feed was associated to a specific project, but that's not the case anymore)

Changements sur #1202
01/03/2010 01:35
statut changé pour Besoin de tests, assignée à louiz
Changements sur #1202
01/03/2010 01:32
statut changé pour Résolu, a ajouté une réponse

Idem : don't know which project. Also I don't know what this bug is. #1202 is not clear at all, the title of the bug should be in the title (like when the bug is created)

28/02/2010 20:33
28/02/2010 20:32

We don't know what has been done. We don't know it's a documentation change, who don't know how much has changed (we could, for example, see a diff, or the number of characters added/removed (like on wikipédia))

Fixed by r378 - 2010-06-07 01:57:40
Erwan Briand
This bug was fixed by the commit r378. This is an automatic fix.
This bug has been resolved.
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