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#512 Feature request Ajouts dans l'api OpenForge Normal Rejected trunk
#1538 Feature request Pubsub notifications Normal Rejected n/a
#1540 Actualités Trivial Rejected 0.9.3
#1038 Feature request Génération des .pot Normal Rejected n/a
#2579 Wrong header in hgwebdir.cgi Normal Rejected 0.9.3
#1302 accents non gérés dans la page de timeline Trivial Rejected trunk
#1304 Feature request Support Mercurial (hg) Normal Rejected trunk
#1818 Muckl is old and buggy Minor Rejected 0.9.3
#284 Feature request Website hosting for projects Normal Rejected n/a
#33 [demande de fonctionnalité]Modifier un news/un rapport de bug Normal Rejected 0.42
#560 Bug when we exist a chatroom (muckl) Trivial Rejected trunk
#1586 Feature request SSL Root Certificate Normal Rejected n/a
#564 Error au collage d'un id Normal Rejected 0.9
#2869 Feature request Git Normal Rejected n/a
#2872 Attachement Weird pink layout Minor Rejected 0.9.3
#572 Moteur de recherche peu précis Trivial Rejected trunk
#1343 Feature request Identification LDAP Normal Rejected n/a
#64 Remarque sur le code Trivial Rejected 0.42
#2625 Feature request Possibility to “merge” to commiters, for the stats Minor Rejected n/a
#585 CSS invalide Normal Rejected 0.9
#1098 CodingTeam n’est pas traductible. Normal Rejected trunk
#77 Manque des fichiers *_fr.php Normal Rejected 0.42
#1101 Les entrées des flux rss sont pas précises Normal Rejected trunk
#2381 Description in bug gets truncated Normal Rejected 0.9.3
#1615 Error avec / dans nom de la Documentation Normal Rejected 0.9.3
#848 Feature request Un captcha pour le blocnote Normal Rejected 0.9.1
#851 Feature request Bot trap Normal Rejected 0.9.1
#1370 Use of php5.3 deprecated functions Normal Rejected 0.9.2
#1882 Feature request Icons on the download page Minor Rejected n/a
#2394 incohérence de version pour une anomalie entre pages Normal Rejected n/a