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600 differences xbright 2017-01-24 09:31:14 * Added two top buttons to add projects/groups
* Changed the way content is shown: pretty reordarable CSS list (no <table/>)
597 differences xbright 2017-01-17 13:55:11 * Started a full rewrite of the webdesign (new scheme, new navigation, new appearance)
593 differences xbright 2016-03-08 15:10:54 * Started a huge work on CodingTeam:
* Started to work on a radically new approach of the layout inspired by Googles' Material design guidelines <>
* Updated layout of defaults pages in project and index modules (KISS-oriented)
* Updated the way menu are generated (WARNING: it breaks all existing menus)
* Updated Template() class to handle CSS files (it adds the ability to have variables in CSS files)
* Added 10 different color palettes for the new default theme: all colors used in the GUI *must* be in the palette
* Added a different CSS file: one for general layout and one for everything that's inside the webpage itself
* Updated main.tpl file to a new structure (removed footer, useless links...)
* Added the ability to browse projects in the default view of index module (that means all the views from the projects modules will soon be deleted)
* Updated the way the pagination is shown to something more 2016's
* On the way: a lot of work will be done on CT, its layout and mainly its features. This commits breaks a lot of things. It's not the last.
592 differences xbright 2015-06-15 23:04:22 * Fixed JS title update: now showing new messages along with dashboard notifications
578 differences xbright 2014-11-20 11:27:06 * Fixed a little CSS problem
* Replaced [] by () in <title/>
576 differences xbright 2014-11-19 02:00:21 * Updated INSTALL rules
* Fixed a little bug in upgrade script
* Added the ability to change window's title when dashboard notifications are received
567 differences xbright 2014-11-16 23:28:30 * Updated AGPL license headers to 2014
559 differences xbright 2014-11-12 14:38:38 * Fixed some ultra-little CSS/JS issues
551 differences xbright 2014-11-08 12:18:51 * Fixed #2975
550 differences xbright 2014-11-08 02:08:05 * Disabled dashboard notification when activity came from the user
542 differences xbright 2014-11-04 14:58:25 * Updated links to teams module
539 differences xbright 2014-11-04 00:17:07 * Updated CSS for the user log-in form
* Added the ability to change the name of the forge instance
* Removed old and unnecessary config keys
536 differences xbright 2014-10-30 04:26:01 * Definitely removed the old icon theme
527 differences xbright 2014-10-27 18:06:00 * Updated project's forum CSS
* Added tooltips for messages/dashboard userbar icons
517 differences xbright 2014-09-28 18:59:23 * Fixed a few little bugs with the last implemented feature
516 differences xbright 2014-09-27 17:28:51 * Removed dashboard link from global menu
* Added dashboard link as a user icon
* Automatically warns user about newest activities on his projects
513 differences xbright 2014-09-22 23:18:44 * Started to work on UI refresh (yay, this project lives again!)
499 differences xbright 2012-04-18 08:12:49 * Added a new default theme (new CSS)
* Moved previous default to original theme
498 differences xbright 2012-04-16 06:19:12 * 2012 gigayears! 2012 gigayears. Great Scott!
488 differences xbright 2012-04-07 06:24:02 * Fixed #2865
465 differences xbright 2011-08-26 17:59:33 * Fixed a bug: authentification was broken without $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']
437 differences xbright 2011-03-12 02:34:10 * Hi 2011! :)
417 differences xbright 2011-02-23 01:55:55 * Introduced teams support into CodingTeam (still a lot of work to do!)
* Introduced a brand new user menu (with the list of projects)
362 differences xbright 2010-05-12 13:07:02 * Updated AGPL headers
360 differences xbright 2010-04-03 21:32:20 * Added a personal messaging system, allowing users to communicate privately through CT (SQL schema updated)
* Added pt_BR to the list of human languages
332 differences xbright 2010-01-09 21:50:48 * Welcome 2010 :)
259 differences xbright 2009-06-14 02:16:58 * Added user's briefcases (fixes #389)
246 differences xbright 2009-06-09 11:49:01 * Fixed the bug that occurs sometimes on login by cleaning POST values
230 differences xbright 2009-05-14 07:27:38 * Added the ability to make the forge non-public (with force-login config key)
* Added cache informations in administration
* Fixed an issue when trying to edit a deleted account
* Added a licenses submenu
219 differences xbright 2009-04-26 01:30:05 * Added the ability to show E_NOTICE within the ErrorHandler (disabled by default)
* Fixed a lot of issues related to E_NOTICE
* Removed OpenID
209 differences xbright 2009-04-03 00:03:01 * Updated users module
205 differences xbright 2009-03-26 13:45:54 * Fixed a bug with the Config class: just one SQL request per page
* Fixed a bug related to XMPP authentification
* Added optional_openid field to user
* Updated example configuration file
204 differences xbright 2009-03-25 22:32:06 * Added the ability to extend BaseSession to allow different auth method
* Added XMPP (XEP 70) and OpenID authentification
* Added the PHP OpenID in inc/libs
203 differences xbright 2009-03-25 00:16:10 * Added templates for fortunes list, show and add
* Added the ability to vote +/- for a fortune without loading a new page
* Fixed a bug related to login
* Added the ability to load a Javascript file in the HTML <head> of a view
* Removed piece of code used for CT 0.42->0.9 migration
201 differences xbright 2009-03-23 14:08:10 * Updated AGPL headers
199 differences xbright 2009-03-18 23:31:02 * Switching from global vars to constants for basedir and baseurl
166 differences xbright 2008-10-04 22:48:33 * Added location to SVN configuration
* Added the ability to delete a bug report or an answer
* A few other little things
159 differences xbright 2008-09-05 12:30:11 * Added DrawSVGChart and 3 charts for each projects
* Added a print.css
* Deleted like() in inc/classes/db.php, select() is now better
* Added documentation for inc/classes/session.php
* Added user management (change level) in administration
* Added a maximum file number in the cache
* Added full-support for OpenForge 0.1 (projects and users information retrieval)
* Added external search (based on OpenForge 0.1) (and internal search now working)
* Ignore some errors (ugly work-around!)
* Deleted a lot of license in the default list
* Popularity contest is now resetted each months
* Added projects.commit to handle all commits
* Edited post-commit.php (now using sql to store *all* commits)
* Now showing commits in the timeline and provide a RSS/ATOM feed
* Removed translation from project module
* Started to replace links with buttons to delete content on the forge (security reason)
* Fixed a bizarre bug in inc/modules/project/views/bug.php related to bugs sorting (and the fix is bizarre too)
* Fixed a bug in the news feed of a project
* Worked on the SVN browser (diffs, feed, new *FASTER* way to send commands...)
* Typo in account registering
* Removed sended mail with the password after registration (security reason)
* The i18n function now allow errors and can handle a decimal as a string if the given value is not decimal
* Edited the SQL schema
* Added openforge, cache-max-files, and need-validate modifications to the INSTALL
* Maybe one or two forgoten bug fixes
* Yes, I know, this is a really (too) *big* commit message
153 differences xbright 2008-06-08 14:20:46 * New way to use gettext (with our i18n function rather than sprintf/gettext)
151 differences xbright 2008-05-24 19:48:24 Various bug fixes and work on timeline
143 differences xbright 2008-05-04 23:57:32 * New way to load modules (based on a little XML file)
* New way to store pages in cache
* New way to handle menus
* A lot of new things to the default CSS
* Bug fixes
132 differences xbright 2008-04-04 09:02:25 * Added Todo list and Roadmap for projects
* Security fix with SVN repositories
* New virtual path for uploaded files
125 differences xbright 2008-02-24 19:47:54 * New configuration file, new INSTALL how to, news to the SQL shema
* Edited all files for the new RSS system, added the class to template.php, news to cache system
* Added versions and downloads managment for projects
* Added a lot of features for browsing projects
* Surely many things I forgotten
123 differences xbright 2008-02-10 20:20:10 * New SQL shema
* Added ability to add/edit project
* Added ability to add/delete projects admins (edit the subversion repository rights)
* Added tags cloud
* Show project by tags/category/license/language/translation/system/status
* Deleted svn module
* AGPL headers: switch 2007 to 2007-2008
* Surely other things that I have forgotten...
121 differences xbright 2008-01-15 22:49:28 * XHTML standardization (replace <b> by <strong> and <i> by <em>)
* New internationalization based on HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE (registered users can force lang)
* Bug fix on project add
119 differences xbright 2008-01-09 03:34:31 * Modules completely rewritten
112 differences xbright 2008-01-02 19:02:33 * Lot of new pictures
* New update function (DB)
* New functions in globalFunctions.php
* Added admin interface for users and index module (About and Term of Use are configurable)
* Added classes for TextView and Texts
* A lot of new things on classes
* Added a function.js
* Many others things
108 differences xbright 2007-12-09 01:48:30 * New method for URL parse, modules config and forms treatment
* Add scripts directory and move i18n scripts
107 differences xbright 2007-12-02 10:18:27 * Switch to the GNU Affero General Public License v3
106 differences xbright 2007-11-28 23:03:48 * Updated THANKS, README, INSTALL and added install.php
* Added scripts for i18n (instructions in README)
* Updated user table in .sql
* Updated config file type
* Added admin module
* Added user module and allow registration of users
* Reviewed CodingTeam, Template and Session classes
* Added new security feature for identification
* Some other things
98 differences xbright 2007-09-30 22:50:00 * Added a new table in the database for the notepad
* Added notepad module
* Added some new icons (under GPL)
* Added lines in .htaccess to disable magic_quotes_*
* Some edit in template/css
* Some edit in codingteam/template/session classes
* Some optimization in mysql class
* Added a captcha function in globalFunctions.php
* Some optimization in head_member module
* Added the ability for CT to be installed on all kind of server configuration (not only at the top)
97 differences xbright 2007-09-01 22:58:19 * A lot of optimisation, some security fixes
* Some edit in svn module
* Added users module, svn in /public
94 differences xbright 2007-08-22 20:50:49 * Added a few things in mysql.php for security (preg_replace, PDO::quote)
* Added the ability to index module to show the page requested by URL arguments
* Added a lot of optimisation in all classes
* Edited tpl/css
93 differences xbright 2007-08-22 00:08:06 * Some work on the Template class and the .tpl
* Added an .htaccess option
92 differences xbright 2007-08-21 00:45:34 * Added automatic select of language
* Deleted view/
* Added some ideas for modules/ with head_member and index
* Some optimization on template
* Added cache support when user isn't logged
* Some optimization in the .htaccess