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Project informations

Project initiator:
Alexandre B.

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GNU General Public License


2010-12-01 15:54:51


Description of the project

The Carmedia Front-End project aims to develop a fully featured and open-source front-end for in-car integrated computers.

Carmedia Front-End is a cross-platform software which will be available for Linux, Mac OS and Microsoft Windows operating-systems.

Some features which will probably be included :
- Very easy to use GUI with 2D SDL graphics and OpenGL effects
- Designed to be used with either a touchscreen, a keyboard or any input device
- Fully customizable UI via a powerful skinning system using PNG and XML files
- Support of most of the audio and video formats available via libVLC library
- Possibility to launch and embed external apps (like GPS navigation software)
- Integrated GPS navigation software, navit is the most advanced project of this type
- Support and integration of analog and digital radio and TV devices, webradios and webTVs
- Integrated web browser and internet connection manager (Wifi/3G/BT/etc)
- Addons system using python language
- And many more!

Technical specifications

C++, Python, XML

Available translation(s):
English, French

Targeted system(s):
POSIX (GNU/Linux, BSD, UNIX), BSD (*BSD, Mac OS), MS-DOS - Microsoft Windows




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