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Bluemindo 0.3 released!

After months of developement and sleep, Bluemindo 0.3 is now released!

Here's the full changelog of this new version:

  • Refactorized the whole source code
  • Introduced gapless playback
  • Ability to start Bluemindo minimized
  • Improved the VolumeManager button
  • Updated and Amazon APIs
  • Explorer modules completely rewritten:
    • Introduced Albums view
    • Introduced Playlists (automatic and manual)
    • Introduced Webradios and Shoutcast support
    • Ability to change view during Bluemindo execution!
  • Listening statistics
  • New TrayIcon module
  • Sort in playlist/views is now case-insensitive
  • Plugins:
    • Ability to disable or enable plugins
    • Audioscrobbler can now use, or any other servers
    • Jabber is now hidden thanks to privacy lists
    • Gajim has been removed
  • Added chinese, italian, swedish and brazilian i18n
  • Added a debian/ folder for packaging
  • A lot of bug fixes (mainly related to unespace, unicode, playlist, sockets…)

Feel free to test it right now.

Published by xbright. About 6 years and 5 months ago.

Bluemindo 0.2.1 is released!

What's hot on this new version:
* Added Slovak translation
* Added a Makefile, .desktop...
* Added a plugins management system
* Added a plugin to change your status message with your tune (works with Gajim only)
* Show the current playing song in bold (if in playlist)
* Added three new commands: --volume, --curent-cover and --current-lyrics

Bug fixes related to:
* &, < and > in cells
* newer GNOME API for media keys
* artist fetching
* exit if a module can't load
* unicode related
* previous, next, stop and play buttons
* typo 'powerfull'
* i18n
* desktop notifications
* album cover popup
* columns ordering

Published by xbright. About 7 years and 7 months ago.

Bluemindo 0.2 released!

The new version of Bluemindo is released.

For more informations on it, please read these links:

Published by xbright. About 7 years and 8 months ago.

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