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#2931 Unconfirmed Crashes when refreshing the database Normal Unconfirmed 0.3
#2905 Kubuntu not opening Normal Rejected 0.3
#2738 Unconfirmed No Album Art and half-crush Normal Unconfirmed 0.3
#2512 Attachement Unconfirmed Russian translation Normal Unconfirmed trunk
#2236 Resolved and closed Typo in Bluemindo.desktop file Normal Resolved 0.3
#1954 Unable to play music. Normal Rejected trunk
#1792 Attachement Unconfirmed lyrics Normal Unconfirmed n/a
#1550 Error while scanning media library (exception in thread artists) Normal Rejected 0.3
#1532 Feature request Unconfirmed Ability to remove a song from the library Normal Unconfirmed n/a
#1232 Attachement Resolved and closed Invalid call to __new__ method for singleton classes Normal Resolved trunk
#1231 Attachement Unconfirmed Use hashlib instead of the deprecated md5 module Normal Unconfirmed trunk
#1205 pep don't work with gajim Normal Rejected 0.3
#1126 Resolved and closed Typo in manpage Normal Resolved trunk
#1065 Feature request Attachement Ability to search in the library Normal Confirmed trunk
#1017 Attachement egg.trayicon is deprecated, switch to gtk.StatusIcon Normal Rejected n/a
#792 Resolved and closed no repeat mode when there is only one song in the playlist Normal Resolved trunk
#790 Resolved and closed Crash while loading Normal Resolved trunk
#789 Resolved and closed An easier way to delete a song from the playlist Normal Resolved 0.4
#788 Feature request bluemindo should have a random mode Normal Rejected n/a
#785 Feature request Unconfirmed bluemindo should display the current playing title on webradios Trivial Unconfirmed trunk
#784 Attachement Resolved and closed Random playlists randomly fails Normal Resolved 0.3
#783 Unconfirmed Classer les pistes selon le numéro de disque Normal Unconfirmed trunk
#782 Resolved and closed seekbar misses 10 seconds Normal Resolved 0.3
#633 Fermeture de Bluemindo impossible, et affichage de «l'animal» au premier plan Normal Rejected 0.2.1
#590 sqlite fails on utf-8 strings Normal Rejected trunk
#532 Resolved and closed Removed warning from remaining ToggleButton Normal Resolved trunk
#531 tagpy & soundjuicer bug affects bluemindo Normal Rejected trunk
#530 Resolved and closed Artist list should not be case sensitive Normal Resolved trunk
#529 Resolved and closed Album cover feching spawns to many threads Major Resolved trunk
#528 Resolved and closed Replace volume control with GtkVolumeButton Normal Resolved 0.2.1