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#717 – Calcul du vase d'expansion
Date added: 2009-07-08 21:58:46 Type: Bug report
Status: Resolved Priority: Critical
Affected version: V.1.0.0 Milestone: V.1.0.0
Reported by: Assigned to: taz
Erreur sur le calcul du vase d'expansion.

Le calcul ne se fait pas et à la fermeture du logiciel produit le rapport suivant :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "astugeclim.py", line 16340, in calculer
NameError: global name 'coef_d_1' is not defined
taz edited this bug - 2009-07-08 21:58:58
  • Priority changed to Critical
  • Status changed to Resolved
  • Assign to taz
taz edited this bug - 2009-11-23 22:58:51
  • Milestone changed to V.1.0.0
This bug has been resolved.
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